Welcome to Noel Murphy Productions

Our video refines your possibilities...

Specialized media that showcases your message with powerful impact.

We think all people and organizations succeed when their presentation to others is aligned with who they are at their core. Bringing the two together is what we do... ...RESULTING IN SUPERIOR VIDEO.   

Who We Are

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We promise to impress you with our 5 star video creations. Research shows people are 700 times more likely to respond to video and audio messages than other media. We are experts in communication, presentation, and effective marketing. We are dedicated to your win.

Noel Murphy has produced scores of primium quality videos. You can look forward to world-class marketing skill you're not likey to find in a media producer. If "a picture is worth a thousand words”, how important have you made video to your marketing? At Noel Murphy Productions, you get IMPACT. Working with us is like having a campaign headquarters.

We're experts in the science of presenting. Have you ever had the thought that something is "off" about someone on television? We pursue the most authentic expression of your message. We coach you and your people into galvanizing presentations in front of the camera.